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Our goal is simple, to share our experiences as an American couple traveling in the States and overseas. We will tell you about our daily life, travel destinations, challenges, and solutions.

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Our Story

BK-B&W300In recent years, while we developed small streams of income from online pursuits that supplemented the income from our day jobs, we began dreaming of a different life style, that would allow us to work online from anywhere in the world, traveling or even settling down in different spots as we wished, leaving our day jobs and our house behind. We call this becoming Two Digital Gypsies.

Although originally from different parts of the country (Barbara from Massachusetts and Kerry from Utah), we had been living in Salt Lake City,Utah for sixteen years, where Barbara worked as a social worker and Kerry worked as a landscaper. In the spring of 2013 we moved to England so that Barbara could start a job with the United States Air Force treating special needs children of American military families. Kerry is continuing his work on his Do-It-Yourself YouTube channel iScaper1, which has received over 5 million views to date.

Update: Barbara’s job at the Lakenheath military base was eliminated. Arggh! We had a lot of options but decided we wanted to move back home to Salt Lake City to be with family, friends, and our two dogs.


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