Petrus Wine Bar

Petrus Wine Bar

Steak & Frites at Petrus Wine Bar

Two Digital Gypsies Rating – 4 Stars

We heard from friends that if we wanted a great steak in Bury St Edmunds that the Petrus Wine Bar was a good place to go. It ranked #21 on the Trip Advisor website so we booked reservations. It is located on Whitting Street.

There was an inviting atmosphere when we arrived and the waiter was friendly and helpful when it came to choosing a wine.

For starters we had the Camembert cheese with cranberry sauce and with the help of the waiter ordered the Operetta Rosso delle Venzie wine.

There are only two menu options at the wine bar. You can order Steak and Frites (fries) or a lite version of the Steak and Frites which comes with a small salad and a smaller portion of the fries. Brits are big on fries. The steaks were delicious and didn’t need any type of condiment like steak sauce to enhance the flavor.

If I were to make any suggestions to the Petrus Wine Bar it would be to offer a baked potato or mashed potatoes as another side option to the steak meal, or a salad instead of the frites side. I’m also a big bread fan, so some type of bread with the meal would have been a nice touch for me. After the meal was over I found myself craving some type of dessert (something chocolate?), and it would have been good ending to the meal to have been offered coffee or even hot chocolate.

Cost for the meal was £4.50 for the Camembert starter, £21.00 for the wine, and £16.00 each for the steak and frites meal. With tip the total bill came to £67.00 ($109 US).

All in all we enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere, so if your’e looking for a meal with great steaks and good wine, we highly recommend Petrus Wine Bar.